All you need to Know about a Video GameSeptember 28, 2016September 28, 2016admin

The whole concept of console gaming is a computer based entertainment system. The gaming idea is a three dimensional world where you can be whatever you want to be. The basic idea of a game conjures the image of a humanoid, a vehicle or any main character that is under our control. A game is a highly interactive experience which provides a player with highly challenging patterns which are easy to learn but hard to master. However, if one is trying hard enough, he/she can master it eventually. The activities involved in learning are a fun and friendly environment. Hence, the gamers are actually in a dynamic environment of learning.

How are video games influencing our lives?

There have been various research conducted upon the pros and cons of gaming. There are various universities in different parts of the world whose research has shown that the pros have outweighed the cons in their researches. While gaming, one has to react and respond quickly to changing environments and situations and hence they have to take split second decisions. Hence it has been found that these reflexes acquired during video games have shown positive results in their real lives. Hence the individual gets agile and his ability to take quick decisions enhance many folds.


Research on the impact of gaming

Brain scientists have found out that a driving game developed by a research team in an institute in California is improving short term memory and long term focus of adults. It has also been found that while one is immersed in game, he/she does not feel pain or discomfort. Hence, some of the hospitals have recommended children who are undergoing painful treatments to start playing games. These games will help reduce their stress and anxiety. Video gamers are known to have Cognitive Flexibility. It is the ability to switch between tasks really fast. Researchers in North Carolina State University have found out that elderly people who are regular in gaming achieve a greater state of happiness and mental peace.

Impact of gaming on relationships

Gaming helps enhance teamwork and build up mental prowess. There are multiplayer games where players are competing against one another in the virtual world. Hence, personal differences can also be settles in the virtual world without any violence in the real world. Gaming also improves relationships. When games are played together, the bond intensifies. The virtual relation adversely effects our real life interactions. Video games are known to improve our multitasking ability, vision, observation powers, accuracy, and mental alertness.


It is imperative that one does not get hooked to gaming. Spending too much time on a video game is considered to be an addiction and hence is frowned upon. Also, it is to be kept in mind that all games are not suitable for all age groups. A suitably related age game can help the mind to work efficiently and hence the individual is more attentive and observant. It cannot be argued though that playing video games has a very beneficial effect on the mind and body. It is great mental exercise.